Bite into life with all your teeth!

Dental clinic in Ottawa, Gatineau and more ...

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With today’s technologies, why deprive ourselves from teeth?

The success rate of dental implants is among the highest in the medical field nowadays with more than 99%.

By a simple and minor procedure, get back the comfort of masticating, laughing, sneezing, yawning, smiling and more…trouble free!

Welcome to Dr Chatelain‘s web site. The General Dentist and his team have 14 years of experience in dental implants, of which the last 9 years have been exclusively in implantology and bone reshaping.

Our dental treatment plans varies from one person to another because, as humans, we are unique.

You can consult the different options that can be offered to you according to your personal situation throughout this site.

To conclude, I invite you for a FREE CONSULTATION at a dental clinic near you in order to answer all of your questions and evaluate your needs.


Dental clinic in Ottawa Gatineau, …